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Our Mission:

We set out to break the mold of traditional orthopedics and Physical Therapy by providing one-on-one Performance Therapy, and Rehabilitation planned and executed exclusively by experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy. You can expect highly individualized and advanced therapeutic techniques and adaptive plans to speed your recovery and maximize your outcomes. We are independently owned and operated and are passionate about providing cutting-edge, evidence-based Physical Therapy and Performance services to individuals ready to invest in themselves and realize their potential.

What We DO

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Physical Therapy

Quite simply, we are different.  We specialize in working with athletes and active adults. Our patients work 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  We are independently owned and operated, making our patients the primary focus. We practice modern, evidence-based PT to return you to peak performance.

Performance Training

Imagine going into your next season or performance stronger, faster, and more equipped to shatter personal bests and leave the competition in the dust. Unlike conventional offseason training, PTX can provide a unique approach leveraging the knowledge of a Doctor of Physical Therapy to unlock your potential and bust through plateaus. 

Having pain?

Whether it's Shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, headaches, or anything in between if it's hurting and keeping you from your best talk to a Doctor of Physical Therapy at PTX today to see if it is something that we can help you overcome!

Injury Prevention

Whether it's nagging minor injuries all season long or season-ending, having a good injury prevention program in place is key to a successful season. With specific evidence-based testing and years of experience, our clinicians can help identify risk factors and develop specific plans to help get you through the rigors of your season safely.

Individual Therapy for Optimal Results

Talk to a Physical Therapist

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Congrats on taking step 1 to relief and new found strength!

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